Gift card loyalty program - It's time to incorporate your business with Novus Loyalty

Most business owners consider gift card loyalty program management when it comes to increasing the client base. It is an effective approach that deepens customer relations and improves customer experience and builds brand loyalty, especially when the gift card program is combined with a rewards program.

According to a survey conducted by Melbourne University, businesses spend approximately $329 million per year on gift card loyalty programs. This revelation raises the question, as loyalty program gift cards are truly the greatest solution for your business program? Yes, because gift cards are a straightforward and cost-effective approach to engage more customers.

A reward, such as a loyalty program gift card, leaves a great impression on your customers and connects them to your company or brand. When loyalty gift cards are used, they are frequently used to purchase household products or fuel, which are frequently disregarded. If you're wondering whether you should include physical gifts and experiences in your rewards program in addition to gift cards, here are some ideas:

Authenticity is necessary. Consider your customer and try to figure out what they would truly like to acquire.

Provide a variety and test to determine what is more usually redeemed.

Keep an eye on your competitors' activities.

Try to introduce some interesting and distinctive features in your gift card loyalty program to fetch more customers' attention. 

Keep all rewards programs up to date with new and popular offers.

Leave some money in the budget for unexpectedly rewarding your most valuable customers.

However, you can consider the following methods to use loyalty program gift cards to increase consumer loyalty in your business in a short period of time.

Collaboration with other companies

Introduce discounts using a fresh approach.

Complaints must be addressed and resolved.

Run a campaign

Advantages of using gift card loyalty program management

Increase their profit margin, when you sell a gift card, you increase your capital and liquidity.

Boost revenue as according to Fiserv data, 80% of consumers spend more than the original amount of their gift card.

Increased customer retention with a balance on their gift card will return, generating loyalty and driving more spending.

Increase purchases by encouraging customers to refill their gift cards, converting a single purchase or visit into several purchases and trips.

Gaining new consumers by distributing branded gift cards is a kind of free marketing that can increase customer acquisitions.

Wrap up

Brands invest together a lot of effort to acquire and keep customers. Sometimes the best tools for doing so are right outside your door. Integrating a gift card into your loyalty plan is simple and produces proven results. For more information on how customers use gift card loyalty program management and specific ways that gift cards can help your business develop, contact us at Clavax Technologies as here we will let you learn more about how a gift card program may improve your loyalty platform and help you grow your customer base and sales.


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